Western media predict the fate of the Eurasian Economic Union “pale copy...

Western media predict the fate of the Eurasian Economic Union “pale copy of the” EU


After the leaders of the three countries – Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan – Astana signed “landmark ” Treaty establishing the Eurasian Economic Community ( EAEC ) , the Western media are engaged in the analysis of this event. Journalists who quoted InoPressa, pondering Will create effective economic space without an important partner – Ukraine , and how policies against Russia and Kiev may affect the relationship partners.

Previously commented on the creation of the EAEC leading Russian newspapers . RBC daily reminded that some experts see the beginning of the creation of a new alliance in post-Soviet security bloc , an alternative to NATO. Experts interviewed by ” Moskovsky Komsomolets ” , in turn, argue that it is an analogue of the European Union , and Russia is forced to project : against Ukrainian events must prove that she is not alone . “Kommersant” newspaper opines that build alliances almost no political component . ( A selection of articles on the topic lead ” Headlines ” . )

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said : organization can become a global ” transport hub ” linking trade flows in Europe and Asia , resembles The New York Times. Edition expresses doubts about whether it will be whether the economic bloc to become powerful enough to not become pale shadows of the European Union. The newspaper quoted Kazakh expert Kasenova Nargis , which asks the question: what good can give association ” three weak economies.”

Some analysts suggest that the idea of ​​the Eurasian Economic Union was good , but in reality she was not allowed to carry out the events in Ukraine and Russia’s policy toward the western neighbor. First, says The New York Times, lost in the face of the EAEC Kiev potential partner. The loss of Ukraine – is the loss of the market in more than 40 million people , the newspaper notes , calling unit formed Union, ” in which there is a gap the size of Ukraine.”

In this connection Russia Crimea could scare her partners. Recall leader Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus after the events in Crimea could not articulate his position regarding the incident , but ordered a large-scale modernization of the Armed Forces . And Kazakhstan has long been extremely sensitive about any encroachments on its sovereignty and the beginning of the year snapped on dubious offers LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky to unite the countries of Central Asia “Central Federal District .”

Assures edition The New York Times, which quotes InoPressa, Kazakhstan had to feel especially vulnerable to ” Crimean scenario ” : a quarter of its population is ethnic Russian living along the country’s northern border .

The Christian Science Monitor adds that freeze integrate Kazakhstan and Belarus are fears Russian partners about possible sanctions from Western countries .

Earlier, Europe and America were introduced restrictive measures against individuals and companies . Western countries threaten Russia with new sanctions – this time against a number of sectors of the economy – in the event of an escalation of the situation around Ukraine , suspecting RF power to be sent to the south-east of Ukraine saboteurs and blaming ” illegal annexation ” of the Crimea. At the same time , Belarus and Kazakhstan – Russia’s partners in the EAEC – does not want to get together with a neighbor on the sanctions network , notes The Christian Science Monitor, predicting that these states will lead economic policy with caution. And other countries wishing to join the Union , such as Armenia and Kyrgyzstan will probably postpone the decision , according to political analysts interviewed by the publication .

The newspaper Die Welt notes that after the establishment of the EAEC European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Policy Stefan Fule called for the adoption of the long-term in the EU as a full member of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The prospect of joining the EU, despite the conditions associated with it , is, according to the European Commissioner , ” the best prerequisite for reform in Eastern Europe,” the newspaper writes , the material quoted by InoPressa.

During the summit, the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union , held in Astana , Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the EAEC will discuss cooperation with Israel and India to intensify negotiations with Vietnam to establish a free trade area and to develop relations with China, reminds NEWSru.ua. Earlier, Russia has concluded with China for up to 30 years old gas contract for 400 billion dollars . According to experts, this transaction ” Gazprom ” can lose up to 14 billion in U.S. currency .

Against the background of rising tensions in China’s relations with its neighbors republic may be advantageous cooperation with EAEC . Especially if due to the introduction of new European sanctions , trade with China will be the only way for the new structure to expand the market .