What headphones to choose?

What headphones to choose?

What headphones to choose?

Choosing headphones – it is always a painstaking and unhurried event. Full of vendors that specialize only on a portable sound, or produce something else (smartphones, tablets), but they do, and their own headset for them. However, there are several models of headphones that can be considered the best choice. Now about them and tell.

Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro

Let’s start with those who enjoy yourself – with Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro or “hybrids”. Why are they called that? It’s simple. The design assumes that the drivers of two types: dynamic and reinforcing. The last speaker is called more anchor type and this phrase can cause a thrill for most audiophiles. The thing is that the reinforcing “ears”, suggest better and more “true” sound transmission, for which he valued. Typically, these headphones are expensive and have to Sway design several drivers.

What headphones to choose?

In the case of Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro, we are dealing with reinforcing and dynamic (diaphragm type) driver. In other words, it is a hybrid, which can produce better audio quality than most of their fellow-price segment. That, in fact, headphones and unique. More can be read about in the review model Xiaomi Hybrid.

Moreover, this model has a nice appearance. I immediately after they are released (almost a year ago) ordered the classic version: with metal housing of the corresponding color and with black inserts.

Later it came out, so to speak, where inserts are white, and the metal is painted in pale pink color. It seems to me, and this variation is more than worthy.

What headphones to choose?

Definitely it will be a good present favorite so casually – on New Year’s Eve, as an option. In any case, they are very affordable money.

Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones

There is a model a little easier in terms of design, but perhaps even more beautiful – Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones. Here the emphasis is on appearance, namely, unusual, airy design. And besides, in the body materials. Taurus channels made of soft silicone, thus, they are very versatile (suitable for most types of ears), and do not create any discomfort. At least so we assured the manufacturer.

What headphones to choose?

For wearing comfort and sound quality here meets an unusual design ear cushions, which seemed to render the sound inside the channel at 45 degrees.

Of course, there was a place on the cable Playback Control. Compatible model, by the way, only with Android, not iOS. In a sense, the button will only react adequately on smartphones running operating system from Google. Listen to music, you can, of course, everywhere. Though on the cassette player.

Features Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones:

  • impedance 32 ohms
  • 5 MW
  • Frequency response 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • cable length 1.25 m
  • Weight 14 grams
  • 5 mm or 5 mm (with adapter) plug

Although the design is even more interesting than the “hybrids”, the price of Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones was lower.

What headphones to choose?

How do I do all this took? But with this. They held a big sale headphone, among which we can find some very interesting items, and, for every budget. Any model and $ 2.5 and $ 90 for example, which are already in the Hi-Fi class. Carbon in the body, ear pads made of special foam, extended frequency response – all things in general.

Source: digitfreak