Why men lie to women and each other

Why men lie to women and each other

Why men lie to women and each other

Do not understand why men lie to women? We know the answer.

It is assumed that men are the stronger sex, should not have weaknesses. But we all understand that this is only the conventional wisdom. In fact, men are less vulnerable than women, and just as we are trying to look better or to protect them. Nevertheless, men lie, as a rule, differs from the female dramatically. If women think through their lies to the last detail, sometimes even rehearsing the conversation in advance, men prefer to surrender into the hands of improvisation. So why and what most men lie?

According to statistics, most people lie about five times an hour. How can this be true? It’s very simple. Most often we do not even realize that time. And many do no longer consider a little lie lie. What are the causes of male was lying?

Why men lie to women – Lying about past relationships

Like women, men tend to lie about their past relationship. This is mainly done to avoid unnecessary questions and not hurt the feelings of his lady. In this case, you can even imagine that it’s a lie for the good. However, one must be very careful in such a lie, because if a man gets in such a sin, it will generate in the women’s head a lot more doubt than simple recognition.

Why men lie to women – Lies about the spent time

Rarely expect from men detailed and honest answer to the question “Where have you been?”. Most often, a man would prefer a short and succinct answer is “at work”. How Come? Here, too, the explanation is quite simple. The longer the story of the time spent, the more questions women it can cause. As far as we know, men do not like to talk a lot, “not the case” because subconsciously try to reduce to a minimum the story, without going into details.

Interesting fact: even when a man doing something innocuous, such as walking with the staff to miss a glass of beer, or really was at work, he would still prefer to once again did not tell the woman. So he keeps his personal space and creates an impression of permanent employment.

Why men lie to women – Lies in the name of “Ponte”

In order to maintain the image of the male, taken as a benchmark in our society, men often prefer to invent on their social status. They want to appear more successful, reliable, all-powerful. It is impossible to blame a man for such an exaggeration, because in itself the desire to be better in the eyes of his beloved – is good. But do not play too long and come up with something that does not, because such disclosure fraud almost certainly leads to the permanent destruction of the relationship.

Why men lie to women – Lies about feelings

Men basically do not like to think too much and analyze their own feelings. Because most of the women on the question “Do you love me?” Prefer to automatically answer, “Of course!”, Even if it’s actually true. The question why men lie to women? In this situation can be answered as follows: a man – a conqueror, and for the sake of getting what he wants here and now, he is ready for anything. Even say that he loves you.

Be attentive to what your man says to you, but do not try to find the truth in every detail, give him the opportunity to have their own secrets.

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