Windows 10 – probably one of the best versions of the operating...

Windows 10 – probably one of the best versions of the operating system for users ever released by Microsoft

Windows 10 - probably one of the best versions of the operating system for users ever released by Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10 has incorporated the best of what users are accustomed to Windows 7 and Windows 8, but it does not force the user to change the usual way of working with the PC

The latest version of the user’s operating system Windows 10 as of today (29.07.2015) officially available to download!

But the key question, perhaps, is this:

– Is there a reason to immediately update their existing Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10?


Of course, Windows 10 – it is a big step forward from the long become a classic for Microsoft, especially desktop segment, the operating system for almost any device (not just a PC).

At the same time, to maintain full ability to install and works with the classical applications written even under Windows 7. In addition, adds and “universal” app, available for download from the Windows Store.

Windows 10 on virtually any device

“Universal” – is the key word for the ambitions and goals set when creating a new Microsoft operating system. Windows 10 is able to run on smartphones, tablets, Transformers “2-in-1”, notebooks, candy bar, servers, etc. But the application of the Windows Store are compatible with both Windows 10 and a game console Microsoft Xbox. Thus, the root is removed nabivshaya nauseam very painful need to get used to different interfaces on disparate devices, as well as obviously facilitated the interaction between different devices.

Windows 10 - probably one of the best versions of the operating system for users ever released by Microsoft

Obviously, the validity of this claim depends on the extent and depth of penetration of the new operating system to the masses. Microsoft hopes to raise up to a billion users in the next three years due to the possibility offered completely free upgrade to Windows 10 license for each user (!) Windows 7 and / or Windows 8.1.

The actual process of installation Windows 10 thus takes 20 to 90 minutes depending on the specific hardware.

Start menu is back again!

This issue was the subject of many battles in forums with the release of Windows 8, deprived of “Start” menu … but, praise the developers, the interface element back to Windows 10.

In modern-day interpretation of “Start” menu combines klassichessky in the list of available programs in the style of Windows 7 and one or two panels of live tiles, typical for Windows 8. Clicking on the option “All Programs,” the user receives a list of all programs in the system sorted in alphabetical order.

Windows 10 - probably one of the best versions of the operating system for users ever released by Microsoft

But the menu “Search”, familiar to users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been moved from the “Start” in the area of ​​the taskbar. In our opinion – it is quite logical and provides more convenience to the user to find than ever before.

Thus, the user can run the traditional desktop application or from the “Start” menu or from the taskbar, or even take advantage of desktop icons, decorated in the style of Windows XP.

In other words, if the user does not want a conservative change their habits in the approach to work with the operating system and its user interface, Windows 10, and does not insist on the need to work on a new – excellent flexibility and Microsoft Bravo!

Pre-installed in the application were clearly improved compared with their counterparts in Windows 8. In particular, this applies to email, calendar, and image viewer shell PowerShell for the most advanced users.

At the same time, with Windows Media Center and 10 are no built-in games, but still remain Media Player. However, free analogs of the same media center and games are available for free download from the Windows Store.

Important features

Of particular note is entirely new possibilities in Windows 10, for which probably in the first place and should take the opportunity to free upgrade of their current system based on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Among the main innovations is certainly true Cortana – personal assistant, previously only familiar to users Windows Phone.

Windows 10 - probably one of the best versions of the operating system for users ever released by Microsoft

Cortana, of course, competes with similar developments in the face of Google Now and Apple Siri.

But there are other innovations:

Windows Hello: a new system of user authentication at login based on face detection and the ability to fully reveal the capabilities of the new three-dimensional webcam Intel RealSense, which will be available massively to the launch of the new microarchitecture Intel Skylake. In fact, it raises the quality of facial recognition and related security to a new level – now the webcam will be impossible to cheat banal photo albums, instead of a real person.

Action Center: provides fast and convenient access to all major settings and notifications as well as a substitute for a number of less useful tools in Windows 8

Task View: provides the ability to switch between running applications in the style of Apple and MacOS, but it preserves the familiar to most users of Windows-key combination Alt-Tab, provide similar functionality

– Multiple virtual desktops: now become standard

Groove: a new music service, the successor to Xbox Music. And Groove able to import music from the iTunes library and GooglePlay

Continuum: provides the ability to switch between desktop and tablet. In the future, will enable smart phones based on Windows 10 to work well as a PC!

– DirectX12: functional, well correlated with cool features Intel Skylake

Edge: new, fast and undemanding to resources of a Web browser from Microsoft, which is included in Windows 10 and subjectively faster than Google Chrome and Internet Explorer latest version.

Moreover, with the new browser the user gets a hitherto unprecedented ability to insert their own notes and annotations directly to browse the web and make a note to share a part of the page by e-mail.


Based on the very first impressions of working with the official final release of Windows 10, we can say that the system works well and does not cause obvious problems with the previously installed with Windows 7 applications.

So whether or not to use the possibility of free upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible?

The answer depends largely on the contributing factors:

– When it comes to Windows 8 users who work on devices without a touchscreen, their early upgrade to Windows 10 explicitly welcome, as this will facilitate the users great life (in fact, Windows 8 is not very optimized to work with the devices, devoid of finger input touchscreen and Windows 10 are uniquely devoid of this shortcoming)

– About the same recommendation can be given as soon as possible to upgrade and avid gamers

– On the other hand, more conservative users of Windows 7, especially if they are not familiar with Windows 8, it may postpone the upgrade for a period of 4 to 12 months to read the forums and ensure that none of them required under Windows 7 older applications do not conflict with Windows 10.

But it should be remembered that the special offer from Microsoft to upgrade beslpatnye with licensed Windows 7 to Windows 10 did exactly one year, that is, July 29, 2015 and July 28, 2016.

In any case, Windows 10 – it is a significant step forward with a lot of nice bonuses that are definitely worth a try!