Windows XP goes, but will live forever in this image

Windows XP goes, but will live forever in this image


 Windows XP many people remembered not only for its bugs and performance, but also the awesome wallpaper. As it was created this image?Microsoft has officially cease support of its operating system Windows XP. This means that soon it will be everywhere from refuse, setting new, more modern products.

At the time, Windows XP has brought many unique and interesting features and loved by millions of users worldwide. A wallpaper image with the starting system has become one of the most recognizable in the history of technology.

Although many people think that dark green field under the blue sky was painted in a special program, it is not. This photo was made ​​by Charles O’Rear during their stay in California valley given over to the cultivation of vineyards. Charles is very impressed with how “fresh” the nature of the past after the storm, so the photographer took out his camera and took a picture. He called it “Bliss” – «Serenity.”

Then Charles and could not think that the image would later become an integral part of the brand Windows.

In an interview, O’Rear said he uploaded “Serenity” to the EU Corbis, founded by Bill Gates in 1989. Microsoft and there found shot to tweak it in Photoshop and included in Windows XP. Money for the photographer copyright, by the way, paid a lot. Many journalists say that the deal was a record in history for one picture so no one ever did not pay.

So goodbye, Windows XP! Let them find you soon on any computer will be very difficult, each time looking at Bliss, we will remember all the sensations of working with the most advanced at the time of the operating system.

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