Wines Court: “This is the end of history Linden”

Wines Court: “This is the end of history Linden”

Wines Court:

The fourth and final season of The Killing will start on August 1. To whet the interest of spectators to the project, its wines shouranner Court shared some details of the final six episodes. 

Possible spoilers! 

You could devote all consequences following episodes shot in Linden Skinner and instead enter into the plot of another crime (with Joan Allen). Why? 

Linden has always been occupied by a woman [laughs]. We see the end of her story … She will have to fight with the consequences of their actions, and feelings of guilt. She has no way out. Pursuing new business, it will repeatedly return to the events of the past. 

Wines Court: "This is the end of history Linden"

Is there any connection between the new crime and murders that have already occurred? 

No. The last murder will become a symbol of all the actions of Sarah and her eternal quest of the main villain. For her, there is only black and white, only good and bad people only. It is her understanding of justice. But the monster lives in each of us … 

Gloom in the series will not be lowered? 

Holder has something from every season [laughs]. But because of recent events on our heroes closed dark clouds. And the characters of the show are now doing much higher rates than in the previous three seasons. It’s the end of the game. They are not only looking for the killer, but also understand the consequences of their actions, are reconsidering their moral values. 

Wines Court: "This is the end of history Linden"

Holder and Linden almost kissed … Will this romantic tension in the final  season?

They will be brought together even more, because they are the shared secret. But because of this mystery cease to trust each other, and friendship may come to an end. As for romance, then the question of relationships between man and women who are forced to spend much time together at work, is still open. Eventually, both the animals which must coexist side by side. 

Return whether Jack Linden son? 

Yes, he’ll be back. This is the final season and we need to understand the relationship between Sarah and her son. 

How will the storyline of Sarah and her mother? 

The idea that her mother abandoned her, always hurt Linden. The audience, of course, find out why she did it. 

Wines Court: "This is the end of history Linden"

The project was closed twice, but then returned to the screens. Are you sure that this season will be the last? 

We will finish the season as I expected from the first day. I thank you all for what all happened in my opinion. And if no other hope will continue screenwriter, this final season will be the last. 

Published the first photo of Joan Allen in the role of Margaret O’Neill – heads a military academy for boys. It was at this institution heroes show will investigate the crime. 

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