The World Bank has lowered the forecast of GDP growth of Asian...

The World Bank has lowered the forecast of GDP growth of Asian countries


The World Bank has lowered the forecast economic growth of developing countries in Asia, said in a report .

Bank revised its GDP growth forecast for 2014 in the region . and 2015. by 0.1 percentage points – Up to 7.1%. In 2016. this index will also remain at 7.1 %, down 0.1 percentage points lower than the growth of 2013 .

China’s economic growth this year will be 7.6 % (previously expected growth of 7.7 %) and in 2015. – 7.5 %. WB experts note that production and export of China in January – February were below forecasts .

“Despite the fact that growth in industrial production slowed and exports in the first two months of 2014 declined , is a tendency to strengthen the economy. We expect quarterly growth acceleration in the mid-year on the back of strong external demand from developed countries ” – said in a report.

Average economic growth in the region in 2008 , 2013. was 8%. While excluding China, the region ‘s economy will grow by 5 % this year, compared with 5.2 % in 2013 .

” The main driver of GDP growth in developing East Asia , in our opinion , is the recovery of developed economies ,” – said the chief economist for East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank Bert Hofman .

In its report , the World Bank expects that the growth of world trade compensates for the deterioration in the global stock markets.

From May to September last year, with emerging markets there was a large outflow of capital on the back of investors’ expectations reduction program of quantitative easing the U.S. Federal Reserve , experts of the organization.