Xbox One: find the update in April

Xbox One: find the update in April


Microsoft began issuing from the updating of April, Xbox One. Many of the areas in which it has intervened: the Kinect to Blu-ray

Microsoft has announced that it has begun the release of the expected upgrade in April for its Xbox One which will be progressively available to all within a few days. An update the contents of which are already known, however, as they had emerged in the past few weeks thanks to the users who participate in the program One Xbox Update Preview, thanks to which you can test in advance all the latest update before its final release.

Upgrading going to focus on different aspects of the Xbox One, with the aim of further improving the user experience and meet the numerous requests of users. It is no coincidence that Microsoft’s “thank you” all Xbox Live users who have participated in the program One Xbox Update Preview in recent weeks have expressed recommendations, concerns and suggestions sull’update of April. Update, which will be available once to install automatically on the Xbox One of the users. It will be enough for everyone to leave the console on standby, the update will in fact be downloaded in the background at times of lower server load, otherwise you will be prompted to turn on the console. Below are the main novelty of the update in April Xbox One.

  • Bailouts and update of games and apps: a progress bar will show the status of the bailouts. The user can see which games and apps have been upgraded or updated recently
  • App Friends: show a notification when friends logging in to Xbox Live. Friends in multiplayer will be identified in the list of friends. Added the ability to see the popular app of friends
  • Kinect: improved quality and reliability of the commands for the recognition of voice and movement
  • Blu-ray video output at 50 Hz: Fix issues with playback to Xbox Live in Europe
  • Game DVR: Improved video quality through the compression algorithm
  • Device Manager: Fixed problems related to control a TV, set-top boxes and receivers
  • Restart the console silent after the upgrade and update on demand: now available