Xbox One – work with errors

Xbox One – work with errors

The first was for Microsoft Xbox failure. In this project, in its creation and promotion, have invested billions of dollars and not otbivshiesya, but it allowed the company to gain a foothold in a new market.Were acquired promising studios (including Bungie, Ensemble and Rare) to create internal exclusive series. Established contacts with Japanese publishers and developers. Lighted star Halo, Master Chief became the mascot of Xbox, and his girlfriend, Cortana is now talking with the users Windows Phone.

Microsoft initially wanted to do just a gaming PC based on Windows: the processor x86, hard drive and a simple interface. But then, under pressure from the development team, participated in the creation of Sega Dreamcast, it was decided to make a video game system with your specific operating system and architecture. Prerequisite was connected to the Internet to allow users to play online.
Purchase Bungie became a big success. While studio experienced financial problems, a third of its assets she even sold the publisher Take-Two. Interesting concept Halo interested in Microsoft, the more game is perfect for showcasing the multiplayer capabilities of the new console.
Purchase Bungie has also become an occasion for scandal between Apple and Microsoft. Bungie at the time was the leading developer of games for the platform Macintosh, and their care, and even to direct competitors, has provoked the conflict. Steve Jobs, claims directly to Steve Ballmer, and as a result of complex negotiations scandal was settled. Between Microsoft and Apple have signed an agreement, the results of which were transferred to the Macintosh some popular PC-game.
However, neither the success of Halo, nor a strong lineup of exclusives or partnerships with major publishers have not helped to become a serious competitor to Xbox PS2. This is largely explained by the high price, ugly console design and cool attitude of Japanese developers. In those days, Japanese PS2 just swamped with interesting exclusives.
Microsoft helped to release great games (film series Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Fable, The Chronicles of Riddick, Halo 1-2, Forza Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing 1-2, Conker, Dead or Alive 3, Mech Assault 1-2, Ninja Gaiden, etc.), but for every three attack PS2 answered. Sony has released a timely new revisions of the console and reduced price, depriving Xbox chance to win. Microsoft has taken in this situation the only correct decision stopped supporting Xbox and concentrated on creating a successor.
In developing and promoting the Xbox 360, Microsoft has considered past mistakes. First, decide the issue of price: users are offered two different versions, with the hard drive and without that influence the price and gave the right choice. And in any case the Xbox 360 cost much cheaper PS3 (PS3 and big price Napoleonic ambitions Ken Kutaragi became a big success for Microsoft.)
Second, get rid of menacing, black, aggressive design, proposing instead a compact (especially when compared to the first revision PS3, nicknamed “tostushkoy”) device “in the style of Apple». In other words, white, with smooth lines and a big round button. Designers have made a critical error in the cooling system, causing the first Xbox 360 quickly failed (which ultimately resulted in excess of 1 billion loss for Microsoft), but in subsequent revisions of it as loud and the fans, managed to fix.
Third, this console was created with a focus on social interaction between users. There are awards for achievements in games, support for sending text and voice messages, users can gather in groups and communicate, while doing completely different things. Many online features, including multiplayer, were paid, but this is due to the need to recoup the cost of supporting servers. In the end, the competitors even close was nothing like this.
Fourth, Microsoft has taken a decisive attempt to capture the Japanese game market, one of the largest, bought the popular series. Paradoxically, at first only on the Xbox 360 console to the American fans of Japanese role-playing games and the rebels could find something interesting for yourself.
Began during the defeat of Sony. From the stage at E3 announced an exclusive agreement with the developers of Grand Theft Auto IV. Final Fantasy XIII, Devil May Cry 4, Tekken 6, declared exclusives PS3, came out on the Xbox 360. Sony had nothing to cover, the cards one after another fell from his hands. Multiplatform look better on a cheap console competitor, additional materials and games primarily appeared in the Xbox Live Marketplace (which greatly contributed to, again, exclusive agreements).
It is important that simple architecture as the Xbox 360 has attracted major studios and independent developers. Games often appeared on PC and Xbox 360, but PS3 is not ignored because Microsoft has entered into exclusive agreements. Developers simply did not want to contact the unusual “asymmetrical” processor architecture, Cell, and Sony at the time could not provide them with the necessary support.
Fifthly, the operating system Xbox 360 different interesting features and has been continuously improved, offering users new features and interfaces. Particularly impressed that the downloaded games do not require pre-installation and immediately were ready to launch. You can listen to music in the background of the game. There are applications to work with social services and Internet browser. Service Xbox Smartglass allowed to manage the simplest functions console using tablets and smartphones. Looking at the success of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox creators added avatars, and clothing for their users to receive as awards for the games, which was the further evolution of the idea of ​​Achievements.
Finally, Microsoft has released a motion sensor Kinect, spent on its promotion of hundreds of millions of dollars and eventually sold over 24 million units. However, management reassessed its appeal to the audience. When the first wave of interest in sleep, sell Kinect-Games came to naught, and its integration with traditional genres of projects was often far-fetched. How many developers have tried, they could not come up with this controller for something really revolutionary or even original, but attempts to make it a horror Rise of Nightmares or simulator technology Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor ended in fiasco. As a result, Kinect was a haven for fitness trainers and tantsulek, and no such game in the end could not come close to the popularity of Wii Fit or Just Dance on the Wii.
With the release of Kinect Xbox 360 began sunset. Microsoft has chosen a new benchmark, imagining that she urgently needs to “pick up” Receding audience fading Nintendo Wii. The hunt for casual gamers. Microsoft did not realize that this audience for consoles lost. For it is to thank Steve Jobs and company Apple, popularize smartphones and tablets with their penny, and often free games.
While gaining popularity PS3 (Sony released the attractive, low-cost audit console and bombed the beautiful exclusives), Microsoft consistently threw to market new part of its “holy trinity» (Halo, Gears of War, Forza) and any junk named Kinect title. Rare talented studio switched to creating fitness trainers. Bungie went under the wing of Activision. The new part of Halo 4 , despite the initially outstanding sales, rapidly losing audience online. Last part of Gears of War and Forza , even if they are the highest quality, very few people were interested.
Microsoft also struck by the fact that, despite all efforts, the company failed to gain a foothold in the Japanese market. There Nintendo occupied positions, first with the DS and Wii, then began dominance 3DS.
Independent developers are increasingly paying attention to the PS3. Sony announced attractive services Cross-Buy and PS Plus. Internal studio company gradually acquired a privileged status for its outstanding work. There are cheap and compact audit PS3. In the end, despite all the advantages, Xbox 360 was in the shadows PS3. But Microsoft did not understand why.
Xbox One – a clear demonstration of this misunderstanding. Fruit of creativity are divorced from life marketers. They wanted to make the system in an “all in one” to cover the widest possible audience.Kinect chosen as a gimmick, without noticing that the fashion for it has passed. Moreover, this bulky device today looks ridiculous on a background of miniature smartphones, learn to understand the words and body language. Attract a new audience gathered by TV and sports programs. And … I think the players, they are thought to last. This is indicated by the lack of innovation and weak hardware specifications.


Packing box Xbox One unexpectedly heavy for its relatively small size. After its discovery, it is clear why.
Package Includes Xbox One includes, of course, the console itself Xbox One. She has a decent size, comparable to the first video players to play VHS-cassettes, the so-called “VCR.” PSU also inspires respect – natural brick, at least in the ramparts lays.
In addition to this is Kinect 2.0, gamepad, headset for voice and suddenly a bunch of long and thick wires.
Package Includes:
  • game system Xbox One;
  • power supply;
  • game controller;
  • set of batteries;
  • Headset for voice communication;
  • sensor Kinect 2.0;
  • HDMI-cable;
  • documentation.

Appearance, first impressions

In Russia, Xbox One will be available in September 2014. I want to believe that E3-2014 Stephen Elop will rise on the scene and announced a new model of Xbox One – cheap, compact, without Kinect and external power supply. What is now sold under the guise of “game station” is an example of how not to do electronic devices.
Xbox One size does not match its capabilities. It is no secret that the Xbox One power concedes PS4, and takes much more space. The user has to think about where to hide the power supply as a meaningless place today Kinect, so it will not conspicuous. Long, thick wires are also added problems.
Kinect, by the way, you can not connect to Xbox One. But when for him, as they say, “uplocheno” sorry for him to throw back into the box. Maybe useful.
About the gap between Sony and Microsoft engineers are best tell the following pictures. They present the power supply Xbox One as a reminder that the PS4 is connected to the mains with a simple wire.
Praise engineers Xbox One can only be for one detail: the console is silent all the time, while the PS4 periodically activates enhanced purge ventilation system. On the other hand, Xbox One is designed to operate in a horizontal position. In vertical it can be delivered, but at your own risk as Microsoft warns.
As PS4, Xbox One body decorated two types of plastic: glossy, easy to collect dust, scratches and fingerprints, and matte. Appearance console boring – it is a simple black box.
On the front side is the slot loading drives Blu-Ray, physical eject button and touch the power button hidden under the logo of Xbox, which is when the glows white.
On the upper surface is the exhaust vent through which, if desired, can be seen inside the console
The right and left edges of the lattice located vents. On the left there is an additional connector USB 3.0.
But back face console surprising abundance of various connectors:
  • power connector;
  • HDMI-input;
  • HDMI-out;
  • optical audio output;
  • two USB 3.0;
  • connector for the Kinect 2.0;
  • IR output;
  • LAN
One of the HDMI connectors is used to display images on a TV. The second needs to be connected to Xbox One another device such as a set top box or PS4.


The eighth generation of consoles is unique in that for the architecture of gaming systems (PS4, Xbox One, partly Wii U) responsible company AMD. For PS4 and Xbox One she suggested similar solutions, but the console Microsoft still got much weaker performance. Noticeable in the first place, the quality multiplatform games.
Specifications Xbox One:
  • CPU: 8-core AMD @ 1,75 GHz
  • GPU: AMD Radeon @ 853 MHz
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3 (5 GB available for games)
  • ESRAM: 32 MB
  • HDD: 500 GB (360 GB user available)
  • Blu-Ray-drive
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n;
  • 3 x USB 3.0;
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000.
Xbox One hardly a gaming device “next generation” for one simple reason: in most cases it does not run modern games at 1080p.
Confirmed resolution emerged and future games for Xbox One:
  • Assassin’s Creed 4: 900p
  • Battlefield 4: 720p
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts: 720p
  • Dead Rising 3: 720p
  • FIFA 14: 1080p
  • Forza Motorsport 5: 1080p
  • Killer Instinct: 720p
  • Kinect Sports Rivals: 1080p
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: 720p
  • NBA 2K14: 1080p
  • Need for Speed ​​Rivals: 1080p
  • Ryse: Son of Rome: 900p
  • The Witcher 3: 720p
  • Thief: 900p
  • Titanfall: 792p
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition: 1080p
  • Watch Dogs: 960p
Easy to see why many people call Xbox One other name – Xbox 720. Sharp image, characteristic for the majority of games on the PS4, rarely looks to visit owners Xbox One.
Despite the backlog of PS4, Xbox One is able to surprise. Initial exclusives Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome demonstrate excellent graphics noticeably prettier when compared to the Xbox 360. But since Microsoft has little internal studios and most exclusives or repurchased, or can be ordered on the side, users of Xbox One can not expect significant progress in the near future, and most exclusives will disappoint graphics, remember the same Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct.

Controller Xbox One

To develop a game controller for Xbox One, as claimed by Microsoft, spent about $ 100 million. Sum impressive. It seems that the final result must hit. But he was just dull.
Evolutionary change in the controller only concern ergonomics. Slightly increased user-friendliness, new features and buttons appeared. The vibration engineers endowed triggers. Controversial decision, designed for lovers of strange sensations.
In the game Dead Rising 3 hammers vibrate when a firearm clip ends. In Forza Motorsport 5 – when you push on the gas or brake, and at the same time as you push only one trigger, there is a feeling skewed machine because of one hand vibrations are felt more strongly than in the other. It does not add any new experiences or expanding gaming experience. Some people vibrating triggers cause discomfort, but you can not disable them.
When compared to the Xbox 360 controller, the controller for the Xbox One became a little less arm shortened, battery compartment moved in front of the body, causing the center of gravity shifted forward. Battery compartment lie loosely. If you shake, rattle is heard.
Decision, on the one hand, a strange, batteries have not luxury. On the other, the controller Xbox One of the simple battery works for a long time, a couple of weeks we were not able to defuse them.Undoubted advantage in comparison with other controllers to PS4 and Wii U, which require recharging after a few hours of use.
Buttons and sticks are on familiar controller for Xbox 360 locations. Catches the eye thicken triggers and bumpers, vibration is due to the built in. Bumpers pressed tight, with a click. Plastic shell thin, rough, the controller securely and comfortably rests in the hands.
Sticks – this is the real reason to be proud creators of the controller. They are made entirely of plastic, so as not to scratch their nails. Hats sticks have deep grooves, just under the thumbs, first, that provides precise control at the slightest deviation Secondly, it allows them easy to push an extreme position. Edge hats have a ribbed texture.
Crossings D-Pad has become much easier, but only because of its implementation in the controller for the Xbox 360 was worse than you can imagine.
Despite the fact that in some games we are asked to shake or tilt the controller Xbox One to perform certain actions, gyroscopes and any other sensors in it. Location controller reads the Kinect. If you go out of his sight, instead of command “shake” asked to press the button. Kinect knows for sure where the controller Xbox One, due to the fact that you have the infrared emitters. Perhaps it is for this reason that the controller for the Xbox 360 is not compatible with Xbox One.
As passed through our hands multiple controllers for the Xbox 360 from different manufacturers, we have seen more interesting model than the fruit of creativity of engineers Microsoft, mastered multimillion budget. However, despite the lack of innovation and keep the battery compartment controller for Xbox One is optimally suited for the traditional genres of games and has the best of all the sticks that we had ever seen. Fans of shooters will undoubtedly appreciate.
Headset for voice communication impression, thanks to the huge buttons on a massive basis. Looks rough, especially when compared with elegant headset for Xbox 360. But the quality of sound and microphone no complaints, clean voice is transmitted without distortion and echo.
To connect your Xbox controller headset from other manufacturers will have to buy a special adapter cost 23 euros. Or for 70 euros you can buy branded wired stereo headset for Xbox One.

Kinect 2.0

This accessory is now Xbox One pulls on the bottom. No matter how much Microsoft will not talk about its significance, uniqueness and convenience, none of its functions are not working as it should.However, these features alone are not claimed.
What is Kinect, can be found in our detailed article with a review of the old model for the Xbox 360. The model for Xbox One did not fundamentally changed. Appearance became rude, rectangular, smooth shapes and disappeared motors that automatically adjust the inclination of the device depending on the user’s position. If earlier it was compared with the cartoon character WALL-E, it is now coming analogy worth looking in the store building materials. Black bar with integrated cooler.
Increased resolution sensors, but not usability. Voice commands Xbox One understands not the first time, like a few seconds it “wakes up” after hearing the code word «Xbox». Wakes up, listens to repeat commands, listening to yet another repetition in a raised voice, performs.
Despite the fact that now the Kinect is able to recognize finger movements, the performance has not changed, there are still a noticeable lag between the actions of the man and his puppet copies on the TV screen.
Interface for management console menu gestures not changed for the better. Earlier to activate the program, it was necessary to bring the palm on the icon and hold it for a few seconds. Now it is necessary to move the cursor on the icon and “push” it by pushing the palm forward. But the sensor is above or below the screen, and the user makes a motion with his hand toward the screen. As a result, the cursor jumps to the icons. Old solution was better and clearer.
Microsoft has a lot of time to finalize this and many other controversial decisions. If you look at the work already done on the software part Xbox One, visible activism. And knowing how many times reworked interface Xbox 360, doubt the future is not necessary corrections.
Lack of intuitiveness – the main problem Kinect, which is rather strange, given that the device is intended to facilitate the work with the gaming system. Have to remember gestures and voice commands, Xbox One adopts the not all seemingly logical orders.
Of course, this problem of software, and in the future the situation may improve. Prerequisites for this are. Microsoft has introduced intelligent virtual assistant Cortana, which is integrated into mobile devices running the operating system Windows Phone. And it is likely to appear on the Xbox One.But, first, when there will be. Secondly, how much more wait localization into Russian. It would not have had to buy the next generation of Xbox, to talk to the assistant Master Chief.
Sorry, but the sensor Kinect, as before, requires a lot of free space in front of TV to work. If you stand at a distance from him 1.8m, the entire adult he does not see and does not notice the more raised hands.
Overall Kinect 2.0 produces the same impression that the game system itself, that its controller – easy upgrade, the lack of fresh ideas. It would seem that enough time has passed after the launch of the Kinect, to consider the best options for its use. However, games for Kinect, as before, presented dances and fitness machines, whose popularity is gradually fading, and integration projects in the traditional genres of still does not make sense, does not enhance the experience, and often just plain annoying. This is especially true of voice commands.


At first it seems that the Xbox One interface was created with an eye on Windows Phone. Same-color tiles. The same black background and gray lettering. Same expressionless icons. These tiles have a huge size because of Kinect, make it easier to “get” them.
In fact, the entire interface of Xbox One – this is one big button “Start” on the return of the dream of many users of Windows 8. Here it is where it appears “lost.”
The main screen displays the Home dynamic list of recently run games and programs. It also fixed the tiles leading to the account management page (left) to start the disc inserted, call a list of all games and also activate Snap (right). The latter serves to divide the screen into two unequal parts run parallel to one another program. For example, a web browser or Skype during the game. Last function, we have not found application. Just because it’s easier to get a smartphone and use it to find the information than clumsy manipulation (or loud voice commands) to divide the screen and run the program.
Left of the screen is Home screen for your favorite applications – Pins. Their user selects and fixes manually. There may be, for example, services Twitch and YouTube, bought the game, application for playing music or video processing. Everything is immediately at hand, which is very convenient, we must admit.
Strains that operating system Xbox One is based on Windows 8. Each simple function, such as watching videos or listening to music, launches the application, which is sometimes asked to update or suddenly it turns out that it does not set, and it must be downloaded from the store.
Record gameplay, for example, is not a trivial task. It is necessary to enter the “Desktop”, find the program you want in the list Game DVR, run it, choose the time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, start the recording. Then we need to run another program Upload, to save the file, and then – Upload Studio, to select the time, apply filters, add comments, wait a few minutes of the task, and then wait while the file is loaded into the cloud. All this takes a lot of time and does not go to any comparison with the convenience, speed and ease of function Share on PS4.
Example function Snap. Right there is a window with the program Game DVR to record small clips.Left – the program window Upload Studio, designed for processing and uploading to the cloud using the program saved Upload videos
Avatars preserved, but now they are found only in the standalone version of the same name. So there is no sense in them in games they do not participate.
The program is responsible for managing the account. Easy to see that the huge size of the tiles did not improve the perception
Right from the main screen there are banners app store, movies and music. There are no surprises no store as the store keeps up to date with new products, provides the subject of interest to all the important information.
Games now, alas, require pre-installation to HDD before starting the console. The process is long, up to 15 minutes, and even more if the game asks you to update in parallel. For example, if you try to run the Dead Rising 3, which came out to patch size of 13 GB, you can launch the game draw it out for a few hours.
In the case of buying a digital version of the game is often possible to run its full download. But this does not guarantee that you will be able to play it, will only be available separate functions.


As an internet browser on the Xbox One use Internet Explorer. But not one that is integrated into Windows. No Flash support, running slowly, trying to banish the typical browser-Octane Benchmark 2.0 test led to a dead hang. So that its functionality can be assessed as modest. To some extent this is compensated by individual applications to work with popular online services such as YouTube and Twitch, which minimizes the need to run Internet Explorer.
Note that the use of the internet programs can only users of the service Xbox Live Gold. This applies to both Internet Explorer, and a special application for uploading videos to the cloud.


Xbox One is marketed as an “all in one”, but the multimedia features presented here is poor. Console does not accept external media, movies and music so you can watch only on discs Blu-Ray, DVD and Audio-CD. In addition, there are paid services Xbox Video and Xbox Music.
Thus, the multimedia capabilities of Xbox One is now much worse than the Xbox 360, which is a shame for a device whose creators have focused on what is a home entertainment center.

Released games

Sure, we Xbox One will not buy for the sake of connecting to a set-top box and not in order to watch Blu-Ray-Movies. Xbox One buy for gaming, but games worth buying too little. Especially those that would have cost the title “next generation.”
Multiplatform games feel better on PS4. This applies to absolutely all published projects. Nowhere in Xbox One no advantage in most cases defeats. Microsoft has entered into with third-party publishers set of agreements on temporary exclusivity individual games and add-ons, but it helps console sales weak.
List of released multiplatform games:
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • FIFA 14
  • Just Dance 2014
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes
  • Madden NFL 25
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • NBA 2K14
  • NBA Live 14
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • Thief
  • Trials Fusion
  • UFC 14
  • Zumba Fitness: World Party
As for exclusives, then there is nothing to boast about Microsoft. Internal development studios, the company little help to resort to third-party companies. Capcom gave a sickly zombie thriller Dead Rising 3 . Ubisoft – disgusting Kinect-fighting Fighter Within. Crytek – beautiful, but linearly mindlessly-disposable Ryse: Son of Rome . Killer Instinct appeared dirty acid shareware mockery of the original fighting game fans. On this background is only “relatively exclusive” multiplayer shooter Titanfall from Electronic Arts (also released on PC and Xbox 360), offer a fresh gameplay with very weak graphics component.
Note that Electronic Arts in this generation very closely with Microsoft. Besides Titanfall, publisher released «Microsoft-exclusive» Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Peggle. Moreover, such a close partnership that Titanfall attached to the new Xbox One free download that provides game consistently high in the sales charts.
Forza Motorsport 5 is graphically the most impressive game on the Xbox One
Microsoft itself and its internal studio Turn 10 can be proud of a beautiful racing simulator Forza Motorsport 5. Graphics are really good, clear, rich in effects, with a wonderful view from the implementation of the cab. But the content of the game is too small compared to the previous part, as additional paid out too much material. So it is better to wait for some Ultimate-edition.


Microsoft were made ​​fundamental errors in the positioning and design of Xbox One (about thescandal with the original initiatives, from which then had to be abandoned, we will not remember). The device turned out huge, expensive, tatty, with unnecessary Kinect, with useless in many regions of television features and boring controller (when compared to the multi-functional gamepad for PS4 and Wii U). For some reason, spoiled good interface Xbox 360 without adding any convenience or attractiveness. Disliked – a subjective question, but colored squares on a black background does not contribute to the popularity of smartphones based on Windows Phone.
Microsoft, however, when I put on the Satya has already made a number of confident steps into the future. The new version of the operating system Windows Phone 8.1 – is a huge leap forward compared to the previous version. Update Update 1 for Windows 8.1, running on personal computers and tablet also demonstrates the flexibility of the company. Software for Xbox One can not survive.Now he is unprepossessing, in his logic too much from Windows, but Xbox One until the beginning of his way, and Microsoft has already shown that he can listen to the audience.
Microsoft will work hard not only on the software part, but also reduce the cost of Xbox One. We must reject the Kinect, make it optional. Necessary to remove the HDMI-input, because the TV device functions are not claimed. It is necessary to put the power supply in the housing Xbox One, provide for the installation in a vertical position, to allow users to change the hard drive. Expected support external drive only add wires and boxes around the system. In general, it is necessary to make a compact and inexpensive device. Consumers by and large do not care about graphics, so hardware lag Xbox One of the PS4 does not really matter.
Microsoft has a unique opportunity. The company has made all the mistakes which only one could make. You’re correct them. Let’s hope that the Russian release, which will be held in September 2014, will be on store shelves another Xbox One. Otherwise, Microsoft can not trouble themselves officially supported. Support will be nothing.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic game controller: gorgeous sticks, long time from battery
  • Operational Team Xbox One on refining the interface and applications
  • The console interface is simple and easy
  • The operating system supports multitasking, some applications can be run simultaneously in two windows
  • Separate applications to work with a variety of Internet services
  • Background download games and updates, the ability to run their final games to download
  • Mode “sleep”, which allows you to continue the game after a few moments after the console (does not always work properly)
  • The high cost at the worst performance relative to PS4
  • The huge size of the device, the power supply and Kinect 2.0
  • Game controller deprived new, interesting features and is still running on batteries
  • To use absolutely all internet applications, even Internet Explorer, requires a paid subscription service Xbox Live Gold
  • Clumsy implementation of recording, processing and publication of gameplay
  • Kinect functions are too limited, far-fetched and not intuitive to make it the basis of Xbox One
  • Xbox One television functions in our region are not claimed
  • A limited version of Internet Explorer without Flash support
  • Limited multimedia capabilities in comparison with the Xbox 360
  • Can not be independently replaced by a bigger HDD