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Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

In September 2016 the updated Xiaomi Mi5S was released. Today we review a new smartphone. First, you should know that it can be bought for as low as $ 300 for 32GB, $ 350 for 64GB or $ 400 – for 128 GB.

The new device has turned out quite controversial. It gave up some pretty good decisions, even if updated hardware, bringing new advantages. What is Xiaomi Mi5S different from its predecessor, what good is it appeared or disappeared, and whether to buy a new product instead of “five” no letter S – will find our review.

Like other models of the company, in terms of Xiaomi Mi5S performance is representative of the flagships, but for the price the middle class. It features the best iron from the fact that there was on the market at the time of its development.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

Xiaomi Mi5S: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

The smartphone has the design, markedly different from its predecessor, the new materials have appeared in the construction. The rear panel unit is made of aluminum, the front – with glass 2,5D edges. This decision looks somewhat controversial. Perhaps, from a practical point of view – aluminum better in your hand, but glass or ceramic in Mi5 looked finer.

In his hand smartphone lays conveniently, since it has not very large dimensions. Its width – 70 mm, length – 145 mm, and thickness – 8.3 mm. It weighs 145 grams the device, which is also a little bit. Therefore, it normally lies in the strong male and female fragile hands.

The front panel has changed little, on the background of the predecessor, but the fingerprint scanner design has been updated. Now it uses a method of scanning using ultrasound. Have you changed something from this – hard to say: the predecessor traditional CMOS sensor also work quickly and precisely. After testing the scanner with a wet finger, nothing happened, he had ceased to operate. Although the manufacturer claims that the reader will work with a wet finger.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

Traditionally Xiaomi (as LeEco), the device in white color has a black frame around the perimeter of the display matrix. These can be used to, but the general appearance of the bezel spoils.

Many more changes were made back of the smartphone. It is almost retained the shape, but metal has become. Bottom and top were thin strips to protect the antennas from the metal shielding.

The camera and flash in the corner of the swapped (flash moved to the edge). At the top of the antenna line shows the opening of the second microphone for noise cancellation and audio recording during video. I am glad that the antenna line guessed painted in body color, in contrast to Apple.

The arrangement of side frames remained typical Xiaomi. Right rightful place took power button and volume control.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price
On the left side is located slot for cards extracted using studs.

At the lower end of the middle – USB port format C, and the symmetrical mesh (but one speaker). Above – the headset jack, and nothing more. IrDA in this model is abandoned, deprived of one of the flagship brand Xiaomi chips.

Xiaomi Mi5S: CPU

The board Xiaomi Mi5S soldered top chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. In its structure – 4 powerful core Kryo and equally powerful graphics Adreno 530. In order to reduce power consumption and heat, limit the clock frequency of the two nuclei is reduced to 2 GHz (two powerful cores running at maximum frequency 2.35 GHz). It must be admitted that the decision was justified. Even in the heavy load the game chipset temperature remains within 40 degrees. After an hour of play in the WoT, managed to fix a maximum temporary temperature of 50 degrees in some parts of the chipset, but it does not feel as smart phone very quickly cooled and play it absolutely comfortable.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

The system is stable enough iron work. It not only runs into the throttling of the blue, but unexplained, display speed gains. During the first test AnTuTu gave 131 thousand points, then – 130, and after an hour of play in the tanks – 143 thousand.Why is it so – is unknown, the only explanation is that during the first test some background processes also use the processor.

Or while playing the CPU started to work at full capacity and have opened some hidden reserves. In any case, the chipset with the head missing and for games (WoT Blitz give stable 60 FPS at maximum graphics quality), and for the daily work. Perhaps this is the best option on the market in price / performance ratio.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Memory

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

Capacity RAM at Xiaomi Mi5S is 3 or 4 GB. In our version was 3 GB of RAM. MIUI Android from the start takes from 1200 up to 1600 MB, depending on the version of the smartphone, and firmware. Permanent memory can be 32, 64 or 128 GB.

Available about 25, 55 or 110 GB. Slot for memory cards that familiar to the flagships of Xiaomei, no. USB OTG function supported, connect an external USB flash drive is no problem, but the 2,5 “HDD does not start: current output does not allow the port.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Battery

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

Battery capacity in the smartphone is 3200 mAh. This is a good indicator for a diagonal, but autonomy is strongly dependent on the load. Unless the call, read email and chat, total cycling screen is not more than 2 hours a day – in the charge two days will suffice. But if you give the smartphone a heavy task – Percent melt quickly. One hour game ate 27% of the charge, therefore, in this mode smart stretch to 4 hours. Less is spent charge when using Auto Brightness. Tasks such as web surfing can achieve up to 10 hours of active work.

The smartphone is equipped with a power supply with fast charging. The manufacturer declares completion from 0 to 83% for half an hour, but it is slightly inflated figures. In practice, in 30 minutes you can charge the battery more than half, and a full charge takes place for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Cameras

The smartphone is equipped with one of the best cameras of the time. It is set 12 megapixel module based on Sony IMX378 matrix in Google Pixel. This matrix has a diagonal of 1 / 2.3 “, 1.55 micron pixels, and is equipped with optics with an aperture of f / 2. However, the software solves a lot, so you can not say that relieves Xiaomi Mi5S as well or better than the Pixel. On average, the potential of the matrix is ​​implemented a bit weaker, so the “Google Phone” and Samsung Galaxy S7 Chinese flagship inferior.

Front smart phone equipped with a camera 4 MP, with “ultrapikselyami” 2 micron. This matrix is ​​descended from the main HTC One M7 camera, so it is fair to call it one of the best frontalok. For video it more than enough selfie also gets good. The main camera of the smartphone is able to write video in 4K, and the front – in FullHD. Movie Sample:

Compare cameras Xiaomi Mi5S and Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

Camera Mi5S removes a wider range of light than the Galaxy A5. Photos are more contrasting. True to the example below you can see that the sharpness achieved programmatically.

Autofocus handle on champions level quickly and accurately in most cases. The camera is able to focus, even in poor lighting conditions, where Samsung has failed. Below picture taken in poor lighting conditions, it is clearly evident advantage Xiaomi camera. Samsung categorically refused to focus on the figure, even when the tapas on display. I want to clarify that in the photographs seems a lot lighter than it really is.

Xiaomi Mi5S Review: metal flagship at average price

In the example below, the camera worked better than Samsung, apparently automatically activate night mode.

The pictures on the Xiaomi are obtained in warmer tones, traditionally for Sony matrices. In general, the camera is the camera is very, very good, especially considering the price.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Screen

Display Xiaomi Mi5S has not changed, the precursor to the background. He retained a diagonal of 5.15 “and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels IPS LCD Matrix still has a high contrast ratio of about 1300:.. 1 and a brightness of 500 nits sensor has oleophobic layer, and supports simultaneous touch up to 10 fingers.

By cons include large black frame around the display.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Communications

On the left there is Xiaomi Mi5S tray under the two SIM cards Nano format. Declared support 2G GSM networks, 3G HSPA and CDMA, and 4G LTE. Bands 1, 3, 7 and 20 are supported. Wi-Fi operates at frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz. Version Bluetooth – 4.2, with support for stereo and reduced consumption.

Navigation module supports the GPS network, BeiDou and GLONASS. Satellites, although the metal cover, and fast signal keeps them stably. There is also a wireless NFC module. But proprietary features Xiaomei, an infrared diode for controlling appliances, no.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Sound

The smartphone is equipped with a single speaker located on the bottom. It is quite loud and clear, but it does not stand out. The headphones sound is clear, with the bass, volume decent. FM-radio in the device there.

In the video review below has a comparison of the volume of three smartphones: Xiaomi Mi5S, Redmi Note 3 Pro and Galaxy A5. The most budget Redmi gave the greatest volume.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Operating system

Powered Xiaomi Mi5S running Android 6, with a proprietary interface MIUI8. At the moment there is already a global firmware version (with European languages ​​and Google services), it is also expected to yield 7 Android MIUI9. The test sample (3/64 GB) was established on the basis of unofficial firmware stable assembly.

The review in the firmware, some bugs have been identified. Among them, the main – not translated calendar date, failure to run the firmware weather and the inability to change the brightness of the screen in the curtain notifications. The official global firmware problems with the translation, and no curtain, but not all instances of the smart phone available on the market, updated on this firmware. In other instances there may be other bugs. The longer the process of sharing, there were also other minor flaws.

To avoid problems with the software when you buy – you need to go to the settings, select “About phone” and find a line “version of MIUI». The version number of the official stable firmware can only consist of 3 or 4 numbers through a point, for example, 8.0.3 or The presence of five digits, or a pair of identical numbers at the end (like – indicates that it is to rebuild the Chinese. Also, this may indicate an abbreviation (if any): it contains the Chinese characters CN (eg, MAG CN DH), in the global instead of CN – letters MI.

In the case of the weekly assembly of the firmware – its number can only consist of numbers 3 through point. These figures indicate the release date of the software and may be just the kind of like 06.12.23 or 07.01.12, where the number – the last digit of the year, month and day. This is important, because for a stable operation of the device “self-made” probably have to change the firmware to the official globalku. If you’re not ready to do so – it is better not to buy the machine with the translated Chinese firmware based on the build.

Xiaomi Mi5S: Features

Especially the older version of Xiaomi Mi5S, with 4/128 GB of memory, is the support function screen 3D Touch, which is in our smartphone was missing. This allows the sensor to respond to the pressing force and perform a particular action, depending on her. Unfortunately, this mechanism is not supported by third-party applications.

Pros and cons of Xiaomi Mi5S


  • good camera;
  • good battery;
  • stable performance chipset, the lack of heating and throttling;
  • high performance;
  • high-quality housing.


  • troubles with firmware;
  • bad software in general;
  • the frame around the screen.

Alternatives Xiaomi Mi5S

One alternative Xiaomi Mi5S still its predecessor. The difference in hardware with Mi5 quite insignificant, and he has a little worse with autonomy and a camera (though she is OIS). But in the last version has an IR port, and the body is made from a premium materials.

Brenda A-Class in this price group with an overview of the hero can compete only Smasung Galaxy A5 (2017). It is made in the glass body has a main chamber with OIS, it is better to display, but in terms of iron – is lower.

Meizu Pro 6S is equipped with a less powerful chipset, but has a dedicated DAC and more efficient AMOLED display.

Also Meizu, OnePlus and other Chinese brands have other interesting devices, but they – not direct competitors Mi5S, since the screens are equipped with a 5.5 “or more.

Our review Xiaomi Mi5S

Xiaomi Mi5S – typical Chinese flagship. The review found that there is a smartphone and strengths, and weaknesses. It is equipped with a good iron, a screen and a camera, but it can ruin the curve firmware. ambiguously also looks at the background of the change of the precursor material (although this is a matter of taste) and the refusal of the IR port.

Due to the size of a smartphone is universal, it conveniently fits in your hand. In size it is comparable with the budget models to the 5 “, so ergonomics is all right. The device to suit everyone, with one exception. Those who do not want to bother with firmware will experience problems if buy machine with a homemade assembly operating on the basis of the Chinese firmware .

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi5S?

You can buy Xiaomi Mi5S at Chinese online stores, like GearBest.