Yatsenyuk announced plans to form a new government – now just as...

Yatsenyuk announced plans to form a new government – now just as in the European Commission

Yatsenyuk announced plans to form a new government - now just as in the European Commission

The party of Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk “Popular Front”, which won the parliamentary elections, triggers the creation of a coalition and propose a candidate for the post of prime minister. After counting nearly 98.21% of the ballots for the “People’s Front” gave more than 22% of the vote, and for the pro-presidential “Block Poroshenko” – more than 21.82%. In third place movement “self-help” headed by the mayor of Lviv Andriy Garden – 11%.

“According to the European practice, the political force that will take first place in the election, takes responsibility for the formation of the coalition. If this party is a coalition, it is clear that the leader of the party must claim the premiership” – quoted Yatsenuk “Ukrainian Truth” .

The leader of the “Popular Front” noted that “if the principles of publicity and transparency are not suitable”, can form a coalition and other political force.

Previously in the Verkhovna Rada are six parties. Besides parties Yatsenyuk, Ukrainian President Poroshenko and “Sapomoschi” seats in parliament will receive “opposition bloc” Yury Boiko, Radical Party and the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko. Other parties, including the “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok and “right sector” does not overcome the five percent barrier. However, the leader of the “SS” Dmitry Jaros, apparently, will be held in parliament by a single member constituency in the Dnipropetrovsk region

According to Yatsenyuk, “the formation of the government should be the same as the European Commission is formed.” “We do not share the quota principle, and therefore declares the principle of political responsibility of each political force which has delegated their representatives to the Cabinet,” – said the prime minister, urging prospective members are happy to present the nominations for the members of the Cabinet until Monday, November 3.

Each candidate from each party will be held open procedure of public hearings, the coalition, which will be broadcast live. Each such policy will have to come up with a ten-minute presentation, outlined his vision for reform and change in the area to which it applies.

“Then two hours for questions and answers, as well as under the rules of the European Commission: a question and a half minutes, the answer – two minutes. The country should see all applicants for this highly responsible and complex work”, – quotes Yatseniuk “Ukrainian Truth”.

The head of the government said that the coalition agreement and the formation of the government – “is not a shareholder agreement on the distribution of the country, and the agreement of the political responsibility for the destiny of the state.” “You remember how we formed the current composition of the cabinet? It was on the Maidan. No more kuluarschiny and appointment of ministers behind closed doors will not” – promised Yatsenuk.

Commenting on the party who can become allies “Popular Front”, he referred to “Block Poroshenko,” “Self,” Radical Party and the “Fatherland.” About “The opposition bloc,” which received the most votes in the east of Ukraine – Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions – Yatsenyuk spoke.

For the first time in many years the parliament passes the Communist Party of Ukraine. Poroshenko, commenting on the results of the Communists, said that “we will have a pro-European majority” and “elections – the best lustration”.

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