14.03.2014 9:36

The yen and the franc remained stable

Demand for the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc – the most stable currency – remains unchanged amid political escalation in Ukraine and expectations of weakening Chinese economy.

The U.S. dollar traded at 101.62 yen against the maximum value of Thursday , June 13 , -102.62 yen. The euro fell to 140.82 euros from the maximum value 143.38 on Thursday .

After the start of the Russian Federation military exercises near the Ukrainian border , German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Moscow’s interference in the affairs of Kiev Russia fraught enormous economic losses.

The dollar traded at 0.8758 Swiss francs , before reaching a minimum for 2.5 years – 0.8698 .

” The situation in Ukraine is very unstable , but on Monday the probability of military intervention in the Russian Crimea – has decreased significantly ,” – said the director of the foreign exchange market in Tokyo on State Street Bart Wakabayashi .

Once , ECB president Mario Draghi , the central bank actively monitors the growth of the euro in the analysis of price stability as the strengthening of negative impact on the level of consumer prices , the price fell to $ 1.3852 from $ 1.3967 level , which was the highest for 2.5 years .