Your phone vibrates, but you do not have new notifications? This is...

Your phone vibrates, but you do not have new notifications? This is what you get

Your phone vibrates, but you do not have new notifications? This is what you get

It can happen anywhere: When you drive to work, when you’re sitting at home with your computer … You may have heard of people who happens even sleeping. That familiar bzzt-bzzt. Immediate emotion. Mobile check: no email or WhatsApp, nothing. Comes the disappointment. You start to question your sanity. What’s going on!?

If you thought you were alone or that you were going crazy, fear not. This condition has a name and it is possible you’ve heard on occasion: the phantom vibration syndrome. So it is called the phenomenon of believing that vibrated the phone when you have not done. In one study 68% of participants say they experience this vibration at least once a week.

Our bodies undergo constant and tingling sensations that have no meaning, but our brains end up discarding, which is called habituation. This is the reason we do not feel the clothing against our skin all the time.

But today we live in a world of hyper, which makes us constantly alert following message or encouragement that we receive. And it seems that smartphones have reconfigured our brains, making us more aware of sensations in areas of our bodies with our smartphones are in touch more often.

To put it another way, it’s like we disconnected the ad blocker of our brain and we have been led to believe that some feelings are really insignificant our phone trying to communicate something.

It is also relatively common experience another phenomenon: ghost notification. From the corner of your eye you see what looks like a flash in the top of the phone, turn your gaze to the device waiting for the light reappears but nothing happens. Nothing happens because there are no new notification. The brain is constantly alert notifications awaiting further reflection and believing that each phone is receiving a new notification. But most times it’s nothing.

Some recommendations for those who suffer any of these ailments: removes the vibration of your phone and try to save in a different pocket. If the ghost notifications driving you crazy, try to leave your phone where you can not see it or hold it upside down. Maybe after a while you can regain your sanity.

Do you also suffer from phantom vibration syndrome? Share your experiences in the comments!