Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

Long time we have not written about the set-top boxes, beacause we didn’t see interesting devices on the market. Yundoo Y8 pleased us with something interesting and unique, because the manufacturer has gone on non-standard way and built its device with fairly rare processor.

Some time ago, manufacturers of tablets and smartphones released their gadgets on own processors, and then they moved on MediaTek and Qualcomm, which resulted in an increase in price.

Yundoo Y8 has the advantage in terms of price as well as the minimum grade will cost $ 111, and both consoles with 4K and other advantages, this is a very positive cost. Especially for those who do not want to buy branded products, the value of which generally passes all appropriate boundaries.

Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

Yundoo Y8: Specifications

The basis of the performance of the set-top box Yundoo Y8 is a processor Rockchip RK3399. Yes, you heard right, today is still someone uses these processors and the reason, I think, is clear – the price competition is much lower. The processor works on four Cortex A53 cores and two cores Cortex A72, it gives you enough performance, but why is it necessary to set-top box is not entirely clear.

Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

For graphics and other video capability meets graphics accelerator Mali-T860MP4 and falls on his shoulder a big enough burden. Video This console supports H.265 format to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, this is a very satisfactory performance for both consoles with low cost.

For those who want to watch videos in 4K with comfort and without braking pictures or pictures from the sound lag this console will exit from the situation.

Yundoo Y8: Design

I personally really liked the design Yundoo Y8, although it is subjective and much housing will not praise. However, the manufacturer has decided not to make the product completely smooth, so that we have alternate platforms that extend from each of the other.

Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

This is only a decorative element, but it looks quite stylish, as for me. And the dust collects too quite well. On the front we have located the ports USB 3.0 and USB Type-C, HDMI on the back for connecting to a TV, two USB 2.0, LAN-out and so on. Fits all construction on four legs for stability on the table.

Yundoo Y8: Features

Set-top box Yundoo Y8 will be available in two versions – 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal, 4 GB of RAM and 32 built-in memory. Actually. I do not see benefit of the maximum configuration. Yundoo Y8 is a set-top box for movies and videos from the web, play it, and even with a gamepad, will not work comfortably.

Yundoo Y8 review: Interesting set-top box

Device also has slot for memory card, it is quite important, although it is not the most modern consoles. It works on all Android 6.0 operating system, all applications from the convenience store will be available.

Yundoo Y8: Price and conclusion

Yundoo Y8 price in minimum configuration is $ 111. You can watch movies without brakes, use some applications and so on. The top mode will cost  $ 144, and it was too expensive, and it makes no sense.

You have to notice that you can’t play games on set-top box Yundoo Y8. 2 GB of RAM for the movie will be enough. So if there was a desire to give more opportunities to your TV for a minimum amount – it’s your choice. It is better to find for the money will not turn.BEST PRICE: Buy Yundoo Y8 for $110