ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

2017 can be safely called the year of dual cameras. Such modules began to put almost all companies, from Apple and Huawei to UMi and Ulefone. And ZTE is no exception, however, it decided to try out a new feature for a start in an inexpensive smartphone ZTE Blade V8.


  • Smartphone
  • Charger
  • Cable for connecting to a PC (also part of the charger)
  • Wired headset
  • Clip

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

Surprisingly, the most interesting thing in the package is the box itself. The fact is that in a few simple movements it turns into a full-fledged VR helmet a la Google Cardboard. The instructions for collecting the helmet are on the back of the box.

I tried to watch it with some VR-video on YouTube, it did not happen right away. As it turned out, it was necessary to adjust the lens so that the picture did not double. To do this, part of the box with the lenses had to move closer, further away from the display.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

And here I already wanted to write that this is just a cool chip and you are unlikely to use it, if not for one “but”. ZTE Blade V8 can do 3D-photos, and such an analog of Google Cardboard allows you to view them immediately on your smartphone.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!


ZTE Blade V8 has a neat design, found in many models in this price segment: an aluminum case, rounded edges, plastic inserts from above and below, only the camera’s eye is allocated.

On the front side of the display there is a light indicator, light and proximity sensors, a front flash, a talk-back speaker and an eye of the 13 MP front camera.

Under the screen is installed a fingerprint scanner, inscribed in the central button “Home”. Side touch keys.

On the right there are buttons for turning on and adjusting the volume. Interestingly, these are two separate keys, and not a rocker, as in most devices. And on the left there is a tray for two nanoSIM.

At the bottom end there is a microUSB port, a speaker mesh and a microphone. Like many other devices, ZTE Blade V8 made symmetrical grids for the speaker and microphone.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

From above you can see the mini-jack for headphones and the opening of the second microphone.

The back cover is made entirely of aluminum, except for the top and bottom plastic inserts.

The device is perfectly assembled, there are no backlashes and creaks. On sale there will be two color options – golden and gray. The first option was for us on the test, the second one you can see in the picture below.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!


If you divide all smartphones into “thin”, “ordinary” and “thick”, then ZTE Blade V8 definitely belongs to the first category. Due to the small thickness and weight, it is easy and pleasant to hold it in your hand. However, for the sake of it it was necessary to sacrifice capacity of the accumulator.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

ZTE Blade V8: Screen

It’s always nice to see FHD-resolution in the segment of 230-250$, ZTE correctly acted without saving on this parameter. The same applies to the oleophobic coating, in the V7 Lite it was very mediocre, right there to it there are no complaints.

The display itself pleases with natural color rendition, excellent viewing angles and a good range in brightness. For its price segment, the display in this model is very decent.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

The description indicates a 2.5D-glass, but the bend is very small, if you do not look closely, you will not even notice it. Some of our readers regularly scold small black frames around the display, unfortunately, in this model they are also present (although I, for example, are not annoyed).

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

Operating system

The smartphone runs Android 7.0 and the MiFavor 4.2 shell. It’s nice to see the latest version of Android on, in general, an inexpensive device. However, almost the entire interface of the system was redone for the MiFavor shell.

Personally, I do not really like it, primarily for ugly rounded rims and the lack of a switch “do not disturb” in the blind. However, this is the taste, which is easily solved by installing an external launcher.

ZTE Blade V8: Performance

The smartphone ZTE Blade V8 has not only the latest version of Android, but also a fairly fresh chipset from Qualcomm. He perfectly draws all modern toys, including World of Tanks at maximum settings.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS! ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

In games and when viewing YouTube, the device is noticeably heated and also cools down quickly, if you close them. The speed of work is at a good level, although it is inferior to the flagships. The same applies to the speed of application launch, apparently, the difference in memory speed affects.

ZTE Blade V8: Battery

By modern standards, the battery capacity of the smartphone is average, as I wrote above, this is the back of the thin case. However, on the day of work with everyday use, you can safely count. Just like in the case of YouTube / WoT, the device can easily provide three to four hours of on-screen coverage.

ZTE Blade V8: Camera

A dual camera is used for two modes. The first is the blurring of the background, the camera zooms up the aperture value to f / 1.0 and creates a bokeh effect. Does this not always neatly, it is immediately evident that the processing soft. Interestingly, after shooting you can manually select the aperture value from f / 1.0 to f / 8.0.

Also there is the possibility of refocusing on the already made frame.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

Another scenario for using a dual camera is to create 3D shots, it’s for viewing them and a special helmet is created from the smartphone box. It looks cool, but I would not have used this function regularly.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

As for the normal capabilities of the camera, they are very mediocre. Under natural light, the picture is traditionally good, with artificial light, the detail drops, and at night many details become blurred.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

I liked the front camera, by the way, in the application there is the possibility of activating the picture by a smile, as well as the built-in battery. The work of the frontal flash is also pleased, it is rather soft and does not particularly overexpress the skin.

An example of a video on the main camera is below, the maximum resolution is FHD, 30 fps, there is stereo sound and focus on pressing.

ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS! ZTE Blade V8 Review smartphone: IT TAKES 3D PHOTOS!

ZTE Blade V8: Wireless interfaces

The first thing that upset me – ZTE Blade V8 does not have 5 GHz Wi-Fi and NFC-module, however, for this segment this is not surprising. Also, the shortcomings include the lack of 38 “band” LTE, although in my everyday use it did not affect.

ZTE Blade V8: Conclusion

To the quality of voice transmission there are no complaints, you and your interlocutor perfectly well hear each other.

In retail ZTE Blade V8 costs about $250 for the version 32 + 3 GB.

For this money you get a thin and light smartphone with a new chipset, the latest version of Android on board, a good FHD-display, a fast fingerprint scanner and an interesting dual camera. To the disadvantages, I would attribute the lack of dual-band Wi-Fi, and personally I do not really like the MiFavor shell. However, neither of the others was particularly affected by the apparatus.

In the segment of $250 there is a very big competition, but in ZTE were able to produce a decent model with a good price-performance ratio and several unusual functions (the same 3D photos, for example).

A serious competitor to ZTE Blade V8 is Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime, which has similar characteristics and same price. Of the advantages of Prime is immediately to allocate a battery of larger capacity and a more functional shell MIUI. At the same time, this model is also sold in the federal retail with a normal guarantee. There are the same $250.

Another competitor is Huawei Honor 6x. It also has a dual camera, a metal case, though, the diagonal of screen is higher (5.5 inches), but there is an NFC module. The price is $250.

Another model with a 5.5-inch display and similar characteristics – Meizu M3E. It has similar specs and the same price – $180.

The key benefits of ZTE Blade V8 are the latest version of Android, a brand new chipset and the original idea with turning the box into a kind of Google Cardboard. It is also one of few devices with diagonal of 5.2 inches and FHD-resolution in segment up to $500.

Source: ztedevice